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Agilon Features and Implementing Process

Features designed to enhance your material handling processes

We have worked with companies from various industries for decades and understand the challenges and bottle necks in material handling. We know that more accurate and traceable transactions, automated tasks, efficient and on-time material input and output, as well as better internal logistics and space utilization bring cost savings. Agilon features are designed to make material handling processes more efficient, cost effective, productive and safe.

A modular system that adapts to your specific needs

Agilon is a modular system that adapts the size and layout according to your specific needs, based on available floor space and number of components to be stored. It can be any size operating from 6 meters long by 2,5 meters high and unlimited maximum length. The system uses a transportation tube that connects all the modules in the shelving, creating a network that can consist of multiple shelves in different places and even separate floors.

A complete system that can be installed in a few weeks

Agilon consists of a net portal, user access points, a shelving system, and one or several robots that travel within the shelving. The system is sold with a comprehensive service contract that includes software, remote support, maintenance, spare parts, and an option for further expanding the modular system.